[Video] What to do in Santorini, the most beautiful island of the Cyclades?

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Today we are flying to Greece. But not for just any place in Greece: the island of Santorini. If you sometimes wander on Instagram or Pinterest, you have undoubtedly seen its sublime windmills, bathed in sunshine, proudly gazing at the Mediterranean. And for good reason: over the decades, the island has carved out a solid tourist reputation, as much for these landscapes as for the pretty streets of its villages and the luxury of its hotels. In this video, we take you on the winding roads of Santorini, visit the village of Oia, passing your hand in the volcanic sand that makes the characteristic of the island. Yes, just that. So, without further ado, here are the best thing to do in Sanrotini.

Some Love? Santorini is one of our most romantic destinations in Europe. And the others are also in this video.

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