Restaurants: where to eat the best Goulash in Budapest?

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The Hungarian national dish, goulash (or gulyas), is a delicious and creamy soup. It is a cornerstone of the gastronomic heritage of the country. Based on Hungarian grey beef and seasoned with paprika, it is a particularly nourishing gourmet dish! It is also very old, dating from the 18th century, and was invented by the peasant herders of the Carpathian plains. In this article, we give you the best places to enjoy goulash in Budapest.

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Onyx Restaurant

Located in the Vörösmarty district, the Onyx Restaurant is the most popular place for delicious goulash. This city establishment is recognized by the Michelin guide and its reputation goes far beyond Europe! The house specialty was also awarded the Bocuse d’Or 2013. Goulash is revived by keeping the traditional recipe but adding an additional, unique flavour. Other paprika-based soups are also concocted in this restaurant, as well as vegetarian dishes.

Onyx Restaurant | Vörösmarty tér 7-8, Budapest

Stand25 Bisztro

Located in the Magyar district, near the city market, the Stand25 bistro offers a revisited goulash, gastronomic style. Enhanced with celery and lemon juice, their goulash is made with beef, paprika sauce, and also vegetables and noodles. This specialty earned them the Bocuse d’Or 2016. The establishment also serves sausages and potatoes in cream sauce, as well as the famous Hungarian “sponge cake”.

Stand25 Bisztro | Attila út 10, Budapest

Gulyas Etterem

Located in the Magyar district, Gulyas Etterem serves delicious traditional Hungarian dishes. A family restaurant, it serves traditional goulash with its original flavour, without reinvention. Their goulash is served in a bowl seasoned with a few small vegetables, such as carrots and peppers. Particularly smooth, the soup is served with rice or small, homemade Hungarian chopsticks. All at a reasonable price.

Gulyas Etterem | Liliom utca 46, Budapest

Getto Gulyas

Located in the Jewish Quarter of Budapest, Getto Gulyas serves mostly Jewish dishes. Since goulash is traditionally a mix of Hungarian and Jewish cuisine, this restaurant boasts the traditional recipe: pieces of veal and bacon enhanced with a creamy paprika sauce. A few pieces of carrots and potatoes adds consistency to the dish.

Getto Gulyas | Wesselenyi utca 18., Budapest

This is our selection of restaurants that serve the best goulash in Budapest is over. If you have other recommendations, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments.

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