Three unusual places to drink coffee in Krakow

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Krakow is known as one of the most exciting cities in Europe, and definitely as one of the most creative ones. What is perhaps less well known is that it is home to hundreds of cafes that would make it stand up to Vienna. Here is our selection of three must-see establishments to visit in Krakow.

The Best: Café Finska

Café Finska offers a truly special, and even utopian experience: your creative input in exchange for a hot drink. And that’s why we love this place. This cafe was created as part of the city’s annual ArtBoom festival, and you’ll pay for your drink in discussions, in artistic participation, rather than in hard cash.

Cafe Fińska | ul. Józefińska 47, Krakow

The most bohemian: Dym

Lost in the middle of Krakow’s Old Town, you should definitely try and find Dym (“smoke” in Czech). Nestled between two much larger establishments, this café is a den of artists of all kinds who spend long hours hanging out together, squeezed into the long tunnel filled with the fresh smell of coffee or beer brew.

Dym | Świętego Tomasza 13, Cracow

The most cosy: Massolit

Away from Krakow’s central square and its incessant chatter, you can find Massolit, a cosy little café in a charming little street. This café has become the go-to place for the city’s English-speaking habitants. Immersed in silence, the place encourages its visitors to spend some calm moments enjoying a coffee accompanied by some delicious pastries and a book. Clients are allowed to choose among the hundreds of books covering the walls of the establishment. And if you want to study or work, the tables upstairs will be perfect for you.

Massolit Books | ul. Felicjanek 4, Krakow

That’s it, we hope you enjoyed our little selection of the unusual places to drink coffee in Krakow. This list is not exhaustive so don’t hesitate to give us your tips in comments.

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