Where to eat the best Pasteis de Nata in Porto?

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The creamy Pasteis de Nata or “custard pastry” are famous Portuguese flans. Also known as “Pasteis de Belém”, this pastry, which is eaten lukewarm, is composed of a puff pastry and a cream made from milk, flour, corn starch, egg and sugar syrup. Because we feel you are more greedy than a cook (here is the recipe anyway), we will tell you where to find the best Pasteis de Nata in Porto, where it is a real institution.

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Confeitaria do Bolhao

This is one of the oldest pastry shops in the city of Porto. It offers delicious traditional pastries, but also good Pasteis de nata made according to the original recipe. The puff pastry is crunchy, and the cream is smooth. The Nata is best savored with their delicious fruit juice.

Confeitaria do Bolhao | Rua Formosa 339, Porto

Nata Lisboa

This pastry shop offers original Pasteis de Nata with its traditional recipe: an ultra-fresh puff pastry with a creamy custard that can be eaten straight out of the oven. The Pasteis de Nata made here are very tender. 

Nata Lisboa | Rua de Santa Catarina 499, Porto

La Fabrica de Nata

La Fabrica de Nata is a chic café that welcomes you with neat and refined decor. They offer fresh, crispy Pasteis de Nata with a very smooth cream inside. As its name suggests, the brand specializes in this pastry and has a glass kitchen so customers can see the manufacturing process from their table.

La Fabrica de Nata | Rua de Santa Catarina 331, Porto

Natas d’Ouro

This chain of pastry shops revisits the traditional recipe of Pasteis de Nata. The brand offers chocolate, lemon, orange, and Port wine flavours. This last flan made the reputation of the chain, and is distinguished by its tray shape which pays homage to the ships which used to carry Port wine.

Natas d’Ouro | Rua Sa da Bandeira 115, Porto


This brand offers one of the best Pasteis de Nata in Porto. It is based on a simple, light recipe with a very crunchy dough and a light buttered filling, which is liquid rather than cream. This butter is what makes the country famous. The pastry shop offers Natas with good, traditional Portuguese coffee.

Manteigaria | Rua de Alexandre Braga 24, Porto


Vegana is an authentic pastry and which, as you might have guessed, caters to vegans. They had the good idea to share the Portuguese custard with fans of this eating style.  Pasteis de Nata Vegana are made from wheat flour and soy milk, with a little taste of lemon and cinnamon.

Vegan | Rua Formosa 34 A, Porto

That was our selection of places in Porto which offer the best Pasteis de Nata. Do you have another recommendation? Let us know in the comments.

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