Europe: what are the sunniest destinations in November?

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The end of the year is drawing near, but you’re not yet in the Christmas spirit. Twinkling shopfronts and mulled wine aren’t quite appealing, at least not now. For November, especially with a few extended weekends on the horizon, you’re craving sunshine. A bit of UV before braving the winter chill and the frequent accompanying gloom. But where should you head in Europe for some November sun? We’ve got all the info for you here.

💡 Destination ideas: If you’re out of ideas for your next getaway, we’ve got six top spots in Europe perfect for a November visit.

In Valletta, Lisbon, and Madrid, sunshine is (almost) a sure thing

When considering the sunniest cities, three seem to be the top picks for November: Valletta in Malta, Lisbon in Portugal, and Madrid in Spain.

The Maltese capital is perpetually bathed in golden light, boasting a whopping 183 sunlight hours in November, making it the top destination for sunshine. Lisbon and Madrid, each with 157 hours, also promise to add a touch of spring to your nearly-wintery holidays.

Additionally, two cities quite popular among tourists can be added to the list: Seville with its generous Andalusian sun (check out our guide) and Heraklion in Crete, which isn’t far behind, averaging around 150 sunlight hours for the month.

📋 Methodology note: To determine the sunniest European destinations in November, we relied on sunlight data compiled from the Current Results website.

Some other sun destinations in Europe in November

Dear travellers, you can also find a fair share of sunlight in November in the following cities:

  • Athens in Greece (152 hours)
  • Marseille in France (152 hours)
  • Monaco (149 hours)
  • Nice (149 hours)
  • Barcelona in Spain (146 hours)
  • Naples in Italy (127 hours)

Which destinations have the least sun in Europe in November?

In November, not every European city can boast of such sunny statistics. Some places are less fortunate in this aspect.

If it’s strictly sunning you’re after during this time of year, we’d advise against Saint Petersburg in Russia with a mere 27 sunlight hours, Helsinki in Finland (37 hours), Tallinn in Estonia (30 hours), and Vilnius in Lithuania (32 hours). However, these cities have much more to offer than just sunshine.

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