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Ah, November. This rather ill-fated month, between the All-Saints holidays and Christmas. This combination is often conducive to long weekends away from home. But, often, we do not know where to go. The temperatures are no longer warm, and the weather can be quite nasty at times. However, many destinations in Europe are open to you! Plane tickets, train tickets, and hotel rooms often have very competitive prices in November, and also October. Why not make the most of this? In this article, we have selected six getaways for you, six perfect destinations to visit and so you can discover Europe in all its grandeur. Come on, let’s get on board!

Go swimming in the sea in October? It is possible in Europe. Here are seven destinations where the water is still quite decent, even after autumn has set in.

Malta, for the sun

Apart from the weather which gives you an ideal temperature of around 20°C at 6 p.m. and a clear and sunny sky, Malta offers multiple regions with very varied landscapes. For example, why not visit Luga with temperatures between 20 and 22 ° C in November or stroll in the regions of Mosta or Manikata? Especially since at this time of year, Malta is still well-served by low-cost companies.

Not to be missed! If you go to Malta, you are almost obliged to visit Mdina and Rabat. We will tell you what to see in these two beautiful cities in this article.

Madeira, to connect with nature

With its capital Lisbon, and cities close to the sea like Porto and Faro, Portugal is a wonderful getaway destination to visit in November.

The fairly favourable weather as winter approaches is a very important element to take into account. For this, we would recommend one of these cities to you. Why not try a getaway to Madeira? The archipelago, located 600km from the Moroccan coast, offers breath-taking nature, worth a visit on its own, and temperatures hovering around 20-22 degrees.

(Credit: Tim Roosjen / Unsplash)

Rome or Naples, to avoid the crowds

You are bound to be tempted by a country that offers hundreds of world-famous historic sites. Italy is a great destination if you want to take your mind off things in November. From Rome to Naples, Venice to Palermo, you shouldn’t have to suffocate in the crowds. In the low season, the catacombs, the Colosseum and even the island of Capri will be much more accessible to you.

In Naples, November offers temperatures around 17 degrees on average, and even if some rains will remind you that summer is already far away, you will still have beautiful sunny days, especially at the beginning of the month.

Lausanne, for a chic destination

This magnificent Swiss city is right on the shores of Lake Geneva. Combining chic with style, Lausanne is a true architectural marvel and a perfect getaway destination for November. It is the kind of city that even an unexpected downpour cannot spoil.

From the Gothic cathedral to alleys lined with cafes, cinemas to chocolate factories, you will always feel warm there, even when the grey skies and cold appear.  It will satisfy all the members of the family.

Leeuwarden, for a good balance between celebration and discovery

Named the European Capital of Culture in 2018, it is obviously worth getting to know! Discover this famous Dutch city, once neglected by tourists but now classified by UNESCO, located to the north of Amsterdam at the gates of the Wadden Sea.

Leeuwarden offers the perfect mix of culture (the Fries Museum is a must), escape (with quaint buildings like the Kanselarij) and relaxation (in the form of its vibrant nightlife). Why not spend one of the cold November evenings dining at a restaurant like Us Heit, located in the former Stadtholders Palace?

Us Heit Restaurant | Hofplein 29, 8911 HJ Leeuwarden

Hamburg, to prepare for Christmas

Still nicknamed “the Gateway to the World”, Hamburg is a port city of exceptional charm. Of course, there is no shortage of cities to start soaking up the magic of Christmas early, especially in Germany. One is even in our selection of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe. However, Hamburg does not disappoint, and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the north of the country.

The city offers, as a bonus, a cultural and nightlife that has never disappointed. Stroll along the Alster, visit the gigantic port, botanical park, or Immigration Museum. There really is something for everyone. What makes Hamburg a family destination, moreover, is that it is rather well served by low cost airlines.

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