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It is more than a just trend. In fact, more and more tourists prefer to postpone their vacation to the start of the school year or even to October! And that for a number of reasons: less tourists, escaping from crazy times at the office, etc. Whatever your reason is, you still need to find THE destination where the summer isn’t over yet and where you can still go to a beach. If you are looking for such a destination in Europe, then check out our list of places where you can enjoy Indian summer and swim even in the middle of October.

The most beautiful beaches in 2021. In this article, find out what the most beautiful beaches in Europe are, according to travelers.


Average water temperature23 ° C

Visiting Crete in October is a great choice! It is still warm and you can definitely swim in the Mediterranean sea! Most tourist attractions remain open and restaurants are still on summer hours. This makes the island a great destination for an out-of-season holiday. Plus, it is probably even better to come here in October as you avoid the excessive heat and can enjoy mild temperatures instead. The warm turquoise waters and the sandy beaches of Elafonissi (photo) are waiting for you!


Average water temperature25 ° C

Cyprus is a generous island. Just like our previous destination, it has a mild Mediterranean climate well-known for long and hot summers, which extend until October! However, if you prefer cooler temperatures, spring is just as good a time for a visit. Plus, the sea water is already warm enough for swimming!

The Canary Islands 

Average water temperature23.5 ° C

Even when the high season ends, summer is not quite over in other Mediterranean destinations. For instance, Canary Islands continue to attract those who love the sun and hot weather. If you’re one of those people, visit Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. These are the hottest regions in October, so that they remain excellent places for long days of swimming and sunbathing.

Cyclades (Santorini) 

Average water temperature22 ° C

Let’s face it, it is usually quite windy on Cyclades islands. Yet the sea water on the edge of the island of Santorini is still warm in October. In fact, it’s even warmer than it generally is in May or June at times. The month of October can thus be high time for visiting, so you can enjoy a carefree bathing moment!


Average water temperature23 ° C

If you want to visit Malta, early October is a great time to go! The weather is still very mild and the water temperature is 23 degrees. In other words, it’s just a perfect time for swimming and spending beautiful days on the beach.

If you’re in, we have put together some itineraries to visit Mdina and Rabat. Check it out!

Portugal (Faro or Lagos)

Average water temperature21 ° C

The south of Portugal is a highly recommended destination for swimming in October because the water is warm enough there with some sea breeze along the west coast during the day. It is possible to get caught in a few shower rains during this period, however, the climate still allows for some beautiful days on the beach.


Average water temperature22 ° C

Just like Malta, we recommend visiting Sicily in autumn, rather than summer. This way, you will have a better chance of having nice water temperature to be able to swim without fear of getting burned! If you choose Sicily as your next travel destination, don’t miss our guide to Palermo and its region (in French), as well as our selection of low-cost hotels.

There you have it, you know at least 7 destinations in Europe where you can swim in October. Now, are you ready to pack your suitcase without forgetting the swimsuit?

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