Europe: the 5 most beautiful beaches to visit in 2021

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In the middle of the pandemic, this feels good and hurts at the same time. The online booking giant Tripadvisor has published its Travelers’ Choice Awards for the best beaches in 2021. This global ranking was compiled based on Internet users’ reviews posted over twelve last months. At Destination(s) Europe, we wanted to focus on the beaches of the Old Continent. So, what are the best beaches in Europe according to travelers? Let’s find out.

Spiaggia dei Conigli | Italy

Just to be clear, the Tripadvisor users’ favorite beach is not in Europe. In fact, it is Whitehaven Beach in Australia. The first European destination on the list is Spiaggia dei Conigli, a beautiful beach in Lampedusa, Italy, which made it to the 8th place in the ranking.

The “rabbit beach” is located on the western part of this small island off the coast of Sicily. Its magnificent turquoise waters attracting the tourists are under careful environmental protection.

(Credit: Silvia Albini / Flickr / CC)

Playa de Cofete | Spain

The Cofete beach in Spain is ranked 11th in the world. This sandy beach is a small wild paradise located in the Canary Islands, in the north of the Jandía peninsula. It is not so easy to get here, either. But when you do, you are rewarded with some exceptional views. Indeed, there are few homes on its twelve-kilometer-long stretch. Instead, it is wild nature. 

(Credit: Hansueli Krapf / CC)

Praia de Falesia | Portugal

Praia de Falesia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. It is located in the Algarve, a region in the south of the country well known for its mild climate and breath-taking nature. Falesia Beach is famous for its ocher cliffs and fine sand, and is popular with tourists and locals alike. It is therefore not surprising to see it in 13th place of the Tripadvisor ranking.

(Credit: Alfred Derks / Pixabay )

La Concha | Spain

Surprisingly, this is a beach in the heart of a city. The Beach of La Concha is located in San Sebastian, in the Spanish Basque Country. The crescent-shaped seaside looks like a shell in the Bay of Biscay, lying at the foot of Igueldo and Urgull mountains. If you decide to go there, here’s a piece of advice: make sure to spend a night at the Mercure Monte Igueldo hotel. For a hundred euros, you will treat yourself to an unforgettable view from your room. Tested and approved!

(Credit: enriquelopezgarre / Pixabay )

Bournemouth Beach | UK

Bournemouth Beach is also on the list of the best European beach destinations. If you don’t believe us, ask the Brits! This is where the British rush to with the first rays of sunshine. This long beach, located on the south coast of England facing the English Channel, is particularly well maintained. It appears in the twentieth place in the world ranking by Tripdvisor. To be perfectly honest, at Destination(s) Europe, we wouldn’t necessarily put Bournemouth on top of our list, but hey, it’s the Tripadvisor users’ ranking after all.

(Credit: csiziistvan / Pixabay )

Here you go with the five most beautiful beaches in Europe according to travelers. But perhaps you disagree with this ranking? Do not hesitate to let us know in comments!

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