Restaurant, taxi: should you tip in Croatia?

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For a long time, Croatia has been the ideal European destination for those who want to combine sun, heritage, and a small budget. It is true that between Zagreb, Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Split, there is no shortage of exceptional places where you can still stay for a few tens of euros a night. And cooking is also well served! Croatian restaurants are renowned for their (often fresh) seafood products, but also for their hearty traditional dishes from the interior of the country. You are sure to enjoy yourself. However, when paying the bill, you will wonder if you should leave a tip in Croatia. So that you are not caught off guard, here are some answers.

In Croatia it is customary to tip if you consider the service to be up to standard. Be careful, we say, “it is customary”, because it is not mandatory. A little later, we will discuss how much to tip in Croatia, but know that we are not talking about a few cents on the euro, where guides or restaurants are concerned… This could even be taken badly.

Unlike some luxurious establishments that can be found in nearby Montenegro, Croatian bars don’t really expect a tip.

In Croatia, the average salary is around 624 euros. That of a server is around 600 euros, according to the Job and Salary Abroad site. From this, you can see that a generous tip will be particularly appreciated.

How much should you tip in Croatia?

Let’s come to the important question: how much should you tip in Croatia? Generally, in restaurants or for tourist guides, 10% of the final score is appropriate, though sometimes you can go up to 15% if the service has been exceptional. These rates are also found in other countries, such as Greece and Spain. It is rather in the high range for European countries. Of course, you are free to leave more – this is unlikely to offend the waiter!

In bars, or for taxi rides, round up to the next euro as a minimum. Again, don’t think of tipping as a gracious gesture, but as an indicator of your satisfaction with the service provided.

There you go, we hope you now know whether to tip in Croatia, and by how much. For more inspiration for your next getaway to Europe, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel or our Instagram account.

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