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Let’s go! After weeks of hard work, you are finally going to enjoy a few days (weeks?) of vacation in Greece. The turquoise waters of the Cyclades or cultural outings in Athens are yours. You can enjoy choriatiki, tzatziki, souvlaki and other delicious dishes served on Greek tables. But when it comes to paying, a question will surely arise in your mind: should I tip in Greece? If so, how much? To avoid this embarrassing moment that we have all experienced at least once abroad, we will answer this question in this article.

First thing is first: a tip is not obligatory in Greece, regardless of the service provided. It will not be automatically calculated for you at the end of your bill, or required while you pay. Nevertheless, it is a fairly widespread gesture, on the part of Greeks and tourists alike. Tipping is expected. Obviously, the service must be up to par, especially in restaurants, where tipping is most widespread.

How much should you tip in Greece?

How much should you tip in Greece? This is always a tricky question because there aren’t really any fixed rules. At a restaurant, we would rarely give more than 10% of the total amount, rounding up to the nearest euro (it is quite stingy to recover the cents) or to the upper ten euros (rounding up to 40 euros for a 38 euro bill). For bars and taxis, we wouldn’t bother with cents, and we would round up to the next euro.

🍽️ Do not be confused. You will see “ service charge” or “service” on your bill. These are not tips, but costs related to the supply of bread and, sometimes, olive oil. They can also appear under the name of “cutlery”. You can refuse this at the start of the meal and you will not be charged for it.

Tipping should be more generous is for tour guides. You will find many of them, and speaking many languages, at Greek monuments and heritage sites. We advise you leave a tip of at least 10 euros, especially if you have spent several hours with them. You will also find some who do not offer a fixed price, but wish to be paid according to the goodwill of their customers. Be generous!

So, we hope you now know whether you should tip in Greece and how much. We also have answers to the same question for Spain and Portugal, among other countries.

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