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A long weekend ahead and you have decided to head to Portugal? Very good choice! With its mild temperatures, its almost wild coast and its well-established traditions, the country is an ideal destination for short, relaxing stays. And what about the cuisine? It is so tasty and generous that your trip will be dotted with restaurant visits, there’s no doubt about it. But, at the end of the meal, should you leave a tip in Portugal? And if so, how much? We will answer these questions in this article.

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In Portugal, tips are not compulsory. Whether at a restaurant, hotel, or in a taxis, everything is included, as far as taxes are concerned. But nothing prevents you, if you are especially happy with the service, from leaving a little something. This is especially appreciated because wages in the country are not very high, especially in restaurants. In this sector, the average salary of an employee is around 900 euros per month.

How much to tip in Portugal?

Has the service been excellent and you want to let people know? When you leave a tip in a restaurant in Portugal, it should generally be between 5% and 10% of the final bill,  maximum. Be careful, the tableware, as well as bread and sometimes olive oil to start, are often included in the price. A small gesture for the bartender, if there is a tip jar on the counter, is also appreciated, but not at all expected. For guides, a small tip of 5 euros per day would be welcome.

In general, the practice of tipping is spread beyond the major tourist centres of Portugal, so be generous!

We hope you now know whether to tip Portugal and how much. We started with Spain and will continue with this series so that you don’t find yourself caught off guard, wherever your destination. 

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