Where to eat the best pretzels in Strasbourg?

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A true symbol of Alsatian culture, the pretzel is a pastry product that has been around for generations. Many legends surround the origin of this brioche bread resembling a knot or crossed arms covered with shards of coarse salt. But one thing is certain, this bakery product, which also comes in a sweet version, is a pure delight. So, if you are passing through the Alsatian capital, you should not skip them. Here, to save you precious time, is a list of where to eat the best pretzels in Strasbourg.

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Au Pain de mon grand-père

58 rue de la Kruteneau offers one of the best pretzels in Strasbourg. This bakery, opened in 2002 by Patrick Dinel, is right in the centre of the Kruteneau district. Motivated by an ardent desire to make “real bread as before”, he was joined by his son, Bruno. Together, they have risen to this challenge in the best possible way. As a result, you will find authentic pretzels in terms of both taste and shape. To achieve this result, the Dinels use equally traditional products and manufacturing processes, such as organic flour and natural sourdough.

Au Pain de mon grand-père | 58 rue de la Krutenau, Strasbourg

Bretzel Burgard

It was in 1935 that this brand’s adventure began. A small bakery initially operated by the Burgard family; it specialized in the manufacture of pretzels in the 1950s. Its acquisition in 2001 marked the beginning of the real success that we know today. Bretzel Burgard is therefore one of the best places to taste delicious, crispy pretzels in Strasbourg, made from organic wheat flour from Alsace. They are knotted in the traditional way by hand on site, within the workshop itself.

Bretzel Burgard | 7 Place Kleber, Strasbourg

L’atelier 116

Workshop 116 also guarantees good pretzels. It is an artisanal bakery that offers organic bread kneaded, shaped, and baked on site, quality pastries, and snacks including sandwiches, salads, and hot and cold drinks. You can consume both inside the store and on the terrace.

L’atelier 116 | 116 Grand Rue, Strasbourg


Here is another address renowned for the originality of the pretzels found there: the Poulaillon bakery. Or, really, bakeries, because the success of the brand has made it possible for them to expand. It is a family business, in operation since 1973. Founded by Paul Poulaillon, this bakery serves delicious pretzels and much more. Indeed, Paul Poulaillon had the ingenious idea of ​​creating the Mauricette, obtained by reworking the pretzel dough to make a bun which is then filled with charcuterie. The Mauricette has thus become the essential product of this brand.

Poulaillon | 6 Avenue de Strasbourg, Illkirch-Graffenstade

S’Bretschtelle Eck

To end this selection of the best pretzel bakeries in Strasbourg, head to S’Bretschtelle Eck, another a family business. This establishment, founded in 1960, gives pride of place to Alsatian traditions, and favours local producers. Hard to find anything more authentic.

S’Bretschtelle Eck | 11 Rue des Frères Lumière, Eckbolsheim

So, you now know – we hope – where to eat the best pretzels in the Strasbourg region. Do you have other addresses to recommend? Drop them in comments.

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