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A few months ago, we wrote spoke about seven destinations in Europe where the water is still warm enough to swim in October. But we must say that it’s much harder to find such dream places for swimming in April! At the end of winter, the water is still quite cool as it’s been a long time since the warm days, unlike in autumn. You can forget about the Baltic and the North Sea. The English Channel, the North Atlantic – bye-bye for now, too! So our search for warm swimming destinations focused on the Mediterranean.  Good news is that we were still able to find some privileged places where to soak your feet and more… Here are six destinations in Europe where to swim in April with water at least 18 degrees (let’s be realistic!).

Shall we hit the road? Road conditions, rental prices, signage… here is the ranking of the best countries in Europe for a good old road trip.

Swimming in the Canary Islands in April

Average water temperature20°C

Long live the Canaries! Off the coast of Morocco, these islands offer a bit of summer even in early spring. On this Spanish territory, the water in April is around 20 degrees. Not bad, huh? Especially since the ambient temperature is roughly the same. So when you enter the waters, you won’t really feel the difference. 
OK, so where do you swim? Here are some particularly popular beaches:

  • The heavenly beach of Sotavento and its turquoise water. It is located between Costa Calma and Jandia, south of Fuerteventura.
  • Cofete Beach, a stunning stretch of sand, where director Ridley Scott shot Exodus. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, according to travelers.
  • Papagayo beach in Lanzarote, quite difficult to access but definitely worth the trip!
  • The beach of Las Teresitas in Tenerife, although it’s an artificial beach, it’s pretty good too.

Swimming in Madeira in April

Average water temperature19°C

When you’re looking for a sunny destination in Europe, Madeira is probably not the destination that comes off the top of your head. Madeira is a Portuguese island and archipelago of the same name that is based not far from the Canary Islands (see above). Some of our friends are totally in love with the destination. In April, there are lots of things you can do here. In addition to the traditional hikes on its picturesque heights, Madeira offers relatively warm water for the season. If you have children, head to the Lido, the largest pool complex in the region. If you like remote places, the small black sand cove of Prainha do Caniçal will be perfect. And you will be amazed by the natural pools of Doca do Cavacas.

Swimming in Cyprus in April

Average water temperature:  19°C

“Hello Cyprus, my old friend!” *Singing the Simon&Garfunkel’s “The Sound of Silence”* Cyprus was already one of our bathing destinations in Europe for the month of October. Here it is again for the month of April! And that’s to be expected. The island is well located, to the east of the Mediterranean, taking advantage of a particularly mild climate. At the beginning of spring, its water is about 20 degrees. Where should you put your towel? In Cyprus, you are spoiled with choice. The beaches of Pafos, for example, in the western part of the island, will offer you beautiful stretches of sand facing turquoise water. The former capital also has splendid architectural heritage. You can find the famous Aphrodite beach, not far from there, with its beautiful nature reserve. Or else Konnos Bay, near the town of Protaras, where you will probably find the warmest water on the island.

Swimming in Eastern Crete in April

Average water temperature18°C

We continue our selection of April swimming destinations in Europe with an island that we love. Traveling to Crete when you like to swim is playing it safe. Indeed, in this part of the Mediterranean, the water warms up quickly. From April onwards, if you are not too sensitive to cold, you can already soak your feet in the water, if not more. Our personal favourite? The beach of Vaï, in the east of the island: a magnificent sandbeach facing the turquoise waters of the sea. The place gets really busy in summer, so enjoy while it’s still relatively calm at this time of year. Alternatively, you can opt for Chrissi Beach, near the town of Ierapetra in southeastern Crete.

Up for a hotel with a private swimming pool? We’ve got just what you’re looking for. Crete has plenty of accommodation options with a pool just for you. Here is our selection with some magical places.

Swimming in the Algarve (Portugal) in April

Average water temperature18°C

This region of southern Portugal is bathing in the sun throughout the year. Furthermore, it is easily accessible thanks to the Faro airport which is popular with low cost airline companies. If the carriers are betting on this sunny destination, it is because the Algarve attracts many tourists each year. Indeed, in addition to well-preserved historical heritage sites, the region is renowned for its gorgeous sandy beaches. Among them, the Bordeira beach located in the Sudoeste Alentejano Natural Park, or else Odeceixe beach on the border with the Alentejo region, further north. In April, the average water temperature is around 18 degrees, but on the bright side, the beaches will be all yours.

Swimming in Rhodes (Greece) in April

Average water temperature: 18°C

We end this selection of destinations where to swim in Europe in April with the beautiful Greek island of Rhodes. Located near Turkey, this majestic piece of land is surrounded by water at the perfect temperature in spring. According to mythology, Helios, god of the sun, was the first to see the island emerging from the waters. He found it so beautiful that he decided to take it under his protection. Thanks Helios, this explains it all! Rhodes offers amazing beaches to fully take advantage of this mild climate. For instance, the beach of Lindos, is a small jewel of fine sand and turquoise waters just below the magnificent Acropolis, the most important archaeological site on the island. And there’s also the Prasonisi beach, the must-go place if you’re into kitesurfing.

There you go, you know at least 6 destinations in Europe where you can swim in April. And that’s already not bad. So pack up your bathing suit and let’s go!

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