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Ah, Italy, a country that arouses all senses. It’s indeed hard to visit without succumbing to the pleasures of good food, the constant spectacle of its bustling streets, and the scents of its lush, diverse nature… Cuisine holds a special place here, and you’d be wrong, regardless of the region, not to taste the local dishes. But then comes the time to pay the bill, and a recurring question arises: should we tip in Italy? And if so, how much? In fact, you’ll probably ask this after a taxi ride, or at the end of a guided tour. So, let’s see what’s the case.

In Florence, Rome, or even Capri, it’s common to leave a tip in certain cases, like in restaurants and bars, or for taxi drivers and tour guides. However, tips are not obligatory, and their amount often varies depending on the level of service – but we’ll get to that later.

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How much to tip in Italy? In restaurants, it’s customary to leave a tip of about 10% of the total bill. However, many restaurants already include a service charge, called “coperto” (the “cover”), which can be around 1 to 3 euros per person. In this case, tipping isn’t mandatory, but it’s always appreciated, in addition to the “coperto”, if the service was exceptionally good.

For bars, it’s common to leave a small tip, from 50 cents to 1 euro, especially if you order several drinks. For taxi drivers, it’s customary to leave a tip of approximately 10% of the fare. If the driver has been particularly helpful or has provided extra service, like helping with luggage, it’s common to leave an additional tip. With ride-hailing apps, it’s tempting not to leave anything – but try to be nice anyway…

For tour guides, it’s also customary to leave a tip, about 5 to 10 euros per person for a full-day excursion. This, however, depends on the level of service and the quality of the guided tour. It may also be the case that the guide doesn’t have a fixed rate, and everything depends on your generosity. So, be generous!

There you go, we hope you now know whether you should leave a tip in Italy, and how much. We have more articles on the topic, but for other European countries, such as Croatia, Portugal, or Spain.

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