Restaurant, taxi: should you tip in Montenegro?

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Montenegro is an increasingly popular destination for European tourists. No doubt you have friends who have praised the beauty of the mouths of Kotor, or the tranquillity of the no-less splendid village of Perast. This is because Montenegro, a small country of barely 600,000 inhabitants wedged between Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Albania, conceals many treasures despite its small size. Travel agencies around the world understand this. For their part, many Montenegrin restaurants offer artisanal and generous cuisine. However, at the end of the meal when paying the bill, you will surely ask yourself, should I leave a tip in Montenegro? So that you are not caught off guard, here are some answers.

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As in Greece or Portugal tipping is not compulsory in Montenegro. However, with the rise of tourism, it is slowly becoming a habit. Essentially, it is not expected every time and the tip just rewards good service. Generally speaking, it is not expected in bars and small restaurants, but may be in high-end establishments. Ditto for luxury hotels.

It’s a little more widespread for tour guides (and not just in Montenegro), but again, there’s no obligation.

How much should you tip in Montenegro?

If you plan to tip in Montenegro, remember that it is a bit like in countries where it is the rule. In general,  do not exceed 10% of the total amount in a restaurant. You can go up to 15% for guides with whom you will generally have a more privileged relationship.

For taxis, which do not expect a tip, you can round up to the next euro. It won’t cost you much more, and will avoid some inconvenience if you pay in cash. So, remember to carry small denominations, especially since card payments are rare.

There you go, we hope you now know whether to tip in Montenegro, and if so, how much. For more inspiration for your next getaway to Europe, don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel or our Instagram account.

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